Schwey is a Canadian funk/soul band with roots in the youth DIY scene of East Vancouver. Their debut self-titled album was released in March 2019, followed by the Korenteen EP in May 2020, both through 604 Records. The band consists of Isaiah Dobbs, Jacob Schwinghammer, Jarah Dobbs, and Christopher Bedé. Past members include Ben Robertson of Winona Forever and Zak Haddad (aka Hamb Sun).

They defeated the Bank Dogs in the greatest band beef ever to occur in what is called "Vancouver". After thinking they eradicated the world of Bank Dogma with their debut self titled album in early 2019, Schwey disassembled and found trendy, spacious apartments on the other side of the country, only to be forced back to their homeland of high rent during the Coronavirus pandemic, when they heard the Bank Dogs had somehow clung to existence after their previous obliteration.